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Active Queenslanders Industry Alliance, AQIA – Website

Clearshot Media has partnered with Active Queenslanders industry Alliance (AQIA) for some time now, so when they said they wanted to update their website to provide additional services and resources to make it easier for community-level organisations and clubs to operate in their local communities, we were ready. 

AQIA approached Clearshot Media with the idea to create a members hub to provide services,  resources e-learning and events for community-level organisations and clubs to help them operate and grow in their local communities as well as support their staff whether they are paid or volunteers. 

We completely redesigned and built their website from the ground up, providing low and high fidelity prototypes before the development of the final design. We have built their customers an aqia dashboard that quickly gives them access to e-learning, upcoming events resources and offers. 

  • Built an all in one e-learning platform that will allow AQIA members to study courses developed exclusively for AQIA as well as their e-learning partners. 
  • Provided them with an e-commerce platform that allows them to sell AQIA events and services to their customers as well as sell free tickets to events to cap numbers. 
  • Built services and offers page where AQIA members can sign up to receive free services such as HR consultations, legal advice or digital marketing health check-up. 

We launched the AQIA website with a social media and EDM campaign targeting people that have already engaged with the brand. Encouraging them to create an account within the first two days for the chance to win a $500 voucher to use for future AQIA events and services. 

We got a great response from organisations and clubs throughout Queensland, with a huge uptick in people signing up for services, events and completing e-learning modules. 

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