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Digital Marketing

Our in-house team of videographers, content writers, website designers and social media and SEO experts can do it all when it comes to digital marketing. 

Clearshot’s digital marketing services will get your business noticed. We create a range of digital marketing in Brisbane and beyond, including promotional videos and photography, SEO-rich blogs and landing pages, press releases, and attention-grabbing social media posts. 

We can even build you a slick new website, or, as an internet marketing service, SEO-optimise your existing website content to help you shoot up the search rankings and deliver you traffic. 

We get to know your business, then design the right marketing mix for your business goals. 

Cut through the noise with Clearshot Media.

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What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a really simple concept. It’s marketing, but done over digital channels, whether that’s your website, social media platforms, or a video hosting platform like YouTube. 

Its power lies in its phenomenal potential. Digital marketing allows you to spread the message about your product to an exponentially larger audience than traditional marketing methods, and do it in a cost-effective and measurable way.

Benefits of digital marketing include:

  • You can get to know and interact with your customers online
  • You can reach a global marketplace
  • Digital campaigns are cost-effective compared to traditional marketing methods
  • You can create brand loyalty through your messaging
  • You can track responses to your marketing efforts immediately

Greenslopes Maternity Video Production

Clearshot Media was asked to capture a Greenslopes Maternity video to showcase the Greenslopes maternity difference. Providing high-quality video and images to showcase the level of care to potential parents.

We spent a day with the Greenslopes maternity team experiencing the level of care first hand. We sent in a small team of photographers and videographers to capture special moments for these young families.

UQ Blues Cricket Club Academy

UQ Blues Cricket Academy Cricket Club engaged Clearshot Media to build an online store and booking platform for them, to allow them to move away from handling cash and facilitate bookings after-hours.

They also wanted a content library of photos and videos. So we sent our photo and video team along to the Blues Academy School Holidays Training Sessions to capture images and video to be used across the club’s social media channels, website and other marketing materials.


Tropic Gardener E-Commerce Store

Tropic Gardener had a very basic, bare-bones website with a few outdated products on it, but no e-commerce store and no stock management system. Their customers were increasingly asking for an online store, and because their website had little content, they were ranking very poorly on critical search terms.

So they came to us for a major reboot. And we built them a beauty. An e-commerce website with stock management, stunning graphics, and SEO-rich content with all the right keywords.

Why Should You Use a Digital Marketing Service?

If you don’t have a cohesive digital marketing strategy, a lot of what you do online to build your brand will be like yelling into the wind.

Without expert help, you might find yourself wasting time and money on the wrong social media channels, the wrong paid advertising strategy, or simply be posting at the wrong time of day to reach your audience. You might have a brilliant website, but you’re stuck on page 7 of Google because you didn’t use the right keywords on your landing pages, or you’re being penalised by an algorithm that you didn’t know existed. You might not know the power of video. 

There’s a science to these things, and unless you’re that rare business owner with lots of spare time on your hands, it’s unlikely you have the time or resources to learn what you need to know to really succeed in this space. 

Digital marketing is something you can cheerfully outsource to a digital marketing service provider, knowing you’ll get better results.

It’s not your job to know this stuff, it’s ours.

Website Design

From slick, beautifully designed pages to mobile-optimised sites and user-focused experiences, we create websites that perform for your business.

All of our team members are based in Milton, Brisbane. You can connect directly with our team face to face or online to discuss the needs of your brand. You can speak directly to the people who will be designing and building your website to make sure we create the best possible website for you.

We will provide you with the training and tools required to manage your website on your own with the safety net of our team to catch you when you need help. We can host and maintain your website to make sure it remains secure and up to date.

Active Queenslanders Industry Alliance, (AQIA) Website

AQIA came to us with a big idea. They wanted a brand new website, but one with lots of added functionality. The new website was to operate as a member platform—a resources hub where members could access events, e-learning courses and services to help their clubs grow.

The website we built and maintain on AQIA’s behalf operates as an all-in-one member platform, e-learning platform and e-commerce platform, with dashboard access for members.

By partnering with you rather than simply providing a service, we develop smart digital solutions to fit your needs. It's what sets us and our results apart.

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Time to convert passive traffic into leads? We combine aesthetic user-orientated design with cutting edge lead capture, to deliver more enquiries to your business.

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Attention is the internet's currency. We create engaging and authentic content that is designed to grow your audience, build your profile and generate traffic.

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Navigating the world of digital marketing can often feel like being adrift in an ocean of technical jargon, dubious metrics and questionable tactics. That’s why we’ve worked hard to ensure we can be your compass.

Is a Digital Marketing Strategy the Same as Digital Strategy?

A lot of people assume these two things are the same, but they’re not. 

Digital marketing is one part of your wider digital strategy. It fits inside it, like one of the layers of a Russian doll. Digital marketing gets the message out about who you are and what you do, and does so over digital channels.

Digital strategy is bigger than that. It’s thinking about your entire business and where it sits in the digital landscape, both now and in the future.  How it sits against your competitors. What your challenges are. How your website functions. What you can do better, through tech. How you can scale up, and future-proof your business using tech.  That’s digital strategy. 

How can you grow your business’ digital presence? We can help you figure that out with one of our digital strategy workshops. It might be deciding to build a beautiful, user-friendly website. It might be building an app, or an e-learning course you can sell to  a huge national audience. And of course, digital marketing plays a very big part. 

At Clearshot Media, we’re a full service digital agency. That means we can do it all. We can build the website. We can build the app. We can build an e-learning platform. And we can get your message to the masses with a powerful digital marketing campaign.

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    Any form of marketing that uses electronic or digital ways to convey ads, promotional messages and marketing material and measuring the performance of their delivery. Digital marketing simply refers to marketing campaigns running over devices like mobile phones, laptops, and computers. It is a valuable asset to your marketing arsenal that helps your business grow by widening its scope and reaching new customers as well as helping you establish an authoritative or brand image online.

    Almost any business can use the help of digital marketing to reach more customers. Your online presence and the goals of your business will determine which digital marketing options will be most effective.

    The most well known Digital marketing products are, SEO optimization, Social media marketing, Pay-per-click, Content marketing, email marketing, marketing analytics, mobile marketing, and social media marketing. Digital Marketing is constantly evolving and Clearshot Media has, and works with experts in each of these fields which can build your brand and grow your audience.

    Digital marketing is the umbrella term where sub-terms like search engine optimization, social media marketing, come from. The main objective of a digital marketing company is to increase your online presence, integrate with online profiles and platforms, and collect data from your audience to better tailor the content you are creating. By providing extra services like web design, website development, content creation, ClearShot Media provides the best digital marketing services to our clients.

    At Clearshot when we talk about Digital Marketing, we try to offer a full range of digital services. Everything from advertising, content creation, website design, eLearning, Social Media Management and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). We have a team of experienced staff who specialise in each of these areas and a network of external specialists for expert advice when we come across something outside our skill set.

    The first thing you will need to start digital marketing is an online presence. Some SEO or keyword research is a good place to start that way so you are registering with the best keywords and give you the best chance to grow organically.

    Paid online advertising is a great way to get traffic if you have the budget to do so but ultimately it is your content that will hold the audience's interest and create customers.

    Yes, increasing sales is often the main objective of a digital marketing campaign. Digital marketing can help you build brand awareness, increase your traffic and the time users spend on your website. These are all things that will increase the chances of someone converting to a sale. 

    It's all about connecting users with your business in as many ways keeping your brand top of mind and eventually leading to sales.