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Life is busy. Attention spans are short. When it comes to getting your brand story across, visuals are vital. 

Clever graphic design can set even a small brand apart from a major company with a huge marketing budget. Catch the eye —and the heart— of your target market with imagery that speaks to them.

The second a person lands on your website or social media page, they are seeing a visual representation of who your brand is, what you sell, and why they should buy from you.

What does yours say right now?

From your logo to your social media graphics, your home page banner image to your business cards, high quality graphic design is a make-or-break necessity for establishing the visibility and credibility of your brand. 

Graphic design works as a catalyst for the marketing efforts to reach out and grab your audience’s attention.

How Our Graphic Designers in Brisbane Can Help

You know what’s special about your company, but you don’t necessarily know how to put it into visual form.

It’s not easy!

That’s where we come in. Through our in-house team and network of graphic designers and illustrators, we will get to know your brand and deliver you a cohesive, impactful set of marketing imagery to use across your comms. 

It’s about so much more than your logo. 

One stunning home page illustration, for example, can be used to build instant brand recognition across your website, email marketing, printed materials, and social media cover images.

We’ll also consider the visual impact of your current website design — would your audience ‘bond’ better with a more approachable font, a different colour palette, or even just more ‘white space’? 

The graphic design process is much more than just slapping words and pictures on a page. Placement is everything. 

Graphic elements help users seamlessly navigate through your website, increasing conversions, return visitors, and time on site. Our graphic design team works alongside our website developer and content writer to create a UX user-friendly experience that hangs together perfectly.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Make them count. 

Our Work

Tropic Gardener E-Commerce Website

The Tropic Gardener — Website Design

When we were asked to build an e-commerce website for The Tropic Gardener nursery, we knew one thing straight away: the site had to look beautiful and reflect the youthful, vibrant energy of the company. We recruited one of our graphic designer contacts to create one central illustration that we could then build the rest of the graphic and content elements around —and she came up with a beauty!

Full of personality and good fun, this image became the banner image of the website, with elements of it repeated throughout the website and comms.

CRATER Foundation- NFP Marketing Materials

After we built their website, CRATER asked us to create some marketing material to promote their research foundation. 

Using their existing branding materials, we collaborated with an illustrator to create a stunning image that reflected the foundation’s focus on wildlife, and which could be used across multiple comms.

We have also created additional marketing materials including branded augmented reality headsets for CRATER company events.

School Sports Symposium 2022 — Event Marketing Materials

As the media facilitator for the School Sports Symposium for the Greater Brisbane region, we were responsible for creating printed marketing materials including posters, merchandise, and event programmes.

This event was the inaugural School Sports Symposium, and we enjoyed the challenge of creating the brand image from scratch, working closely with the event organisers. 

We also ran an EDM campaign to promote the event, and recorded the event on the day and uploaded it online. Just another example of Clearshot Media offering a complete business solution!

Big or Small Graphic Design Jobs

We’ll meet you where you are. 

If you’re a small business just getting started, you might just want a logo design, or need your website updated to a more modern layout. Maybe you’re in the market for a complete branding pack and a brand-defining illustration. Tell us what you want from our graphic design team and we’ll make it happen!

Graphic design is a way to show your brand identity through creativity that reflects the vision, values and personality of the company. 

Your brand’s visual identity should be a thing that shouts who you are and what you offer from the rooftops. 

Is yours doing that?

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