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Podcasting, audio recording and advice in Brisbane. 

Do you have a great idea for a podcast but no idea where to start? Podcasts create a conversation with your consumers. It drives interaction with your brand and also helps build a personality. 

Clearshot Media can help you record your podcast and even launch it onto a podcast platform. Making sure that you appear on all the major podcast platforms including Spotify and Apple. We can edit and produce your podcast and even film it at the same time to create a professional quality production. 

We offer graphic design, music, social media strategy and can build you a website, or integrate your podcast into your existing website. Clearshot Media will take care of everything so that all you need to worry about is what you know best, your podcast. 

According to Spotify’s 2020 Wrap, podcasts are the new way people share knowledge. Podcasts took centre stage this year as people sought out new ways to keep themselves and their families informed and entertained.

“Global total unique listeners of News and Politics podcasts increased by 140% in Jan-Nov 2020 versus Jan-Nov 2019. When it comes to Educational podcasts, we saw global unique listener consumption increase by 81% in Jan. to Nov. 2020 versus the same time period last year. For health podcasts, we saw global unique listener consumption increase by 201% in Jan. to Nov. 2020 versus Jan. to Nov. 2019.” – Spotify 2020 Wrapped

Read the full Spotify report here…


We can record your podcast with high-quality audio and video equipment to make sure that you have professional sounding podcasts.

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We will edit your podcast for you, piece together interviews from different locations, and deliver you a quality finished product

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We will help you get your podcast in front of the right audience with design, social media, and web design.

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