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Clearshot Media partnered with Stream services to help them build an online platform to help more remote clients receive much-needed NDIS services. We created a platform that would allow their clients to request bookings online to receive teleservices with highly skilled health professionals.

Stream Services is the brain child of NDIS Registered Provider Clermont Country Care. CCC was founded after a cry for help from a remote country GP, who could not find services for her patients who had disabilities. Lead Coach and Founder, Alec McConnell, learned from Dr Sarah McLay (Doctor and owner of Clermont Country Practice) about the unique challenges that people in remote communities face in accessing services which are taken for granted in the cities. He could see that there was a huge gap in NDIS services for people who were living in small, isolated communities across Queensland and Australia.

Clermont Country Care was founded in early 2019 to provide Allied Health and lifestyle support services to people living in isolated communities. In our first year we fine-tuned strategies to deliver exceptional services to people despite the challenges that come from their living in small, isolated communities. A big part of our solutions were the smart use of technology to remove barriers from the tyranny of distance.

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