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Tropic Gardener Shopify Store

The Brief

The Tropic Gardener is a garden centre, landscaper and plant sanctuary based in Kenmore, nestled in the heart of Brisbane’s West. Their goal is to provide a tropical plant oasis for their customers to wander through, whilst gaining expert advice from their friendly team. They strive to provide only the very best quality plants, along with the tools and knowledge to transform even the worst serial plant killer into a green thumb.

The Tropic Gardener reached out to Clearshot Media to help them improve their online presence. Like many small to medium businesses they had started making the website on their own using the Shopify website builder, but needed some help to make sure that their online store ran smoothly. 

We redesigned their website from the ground up, providing the team at The Tropic Gardener adobe XD designs to help them understand the look and feel of the finished website. Tropic Gardener wanted to be able to showcase their complete offering including their landscaping services and access to rare plants. 


Shopify Store Build

We used Shopify to build The Tropic Gardener website and developed the design based on the ideas from the tropic team and our approved designs. We wanted to ensure that online plant sales were front and centre in all of our design choices providing them the tools they need to move their business online. 

Shopify makes it easy for people with limited website experience to maintain an online shop, add new products and create promotions that work for your business. Our in-house developer is a Shopify expert which makes it much easier for us to build truley bespoke designs that help our clients maintain a competitive advantage. 


Capturing the character of The Tropic Gardener was a particular challenge for this project. They have created a truly unique in-store experience at their Garden Centre in kenmore and we wanted to make sure that those vibes flowed directly into the build of their website. 

We reached out to a friend of ours to design the home page illustration, and we went in and helped the team take amazing photos of the plants in their natural garden centre environment to make the shop page feel more authentic. 

We also taught the team how to update the product pages themselves, this way they would be able to update the products regularly and add new and exciting products as they become available. This means that we are able to empower to The Tropic Gardner team to grow the website themselves most of the time and reach out for our expertise when required. 


What we finished with was a simple Shopify store that would help The Tropic Gardener grow their audience offering their products online, whilst staying true to their brands character. 

we provided them with a place to promote their complete offering including landscaping and their garden centre, while leaving them room to grow in the future. 

The Tropic Gardener team has some pretty ambitious plans for the website and the Garden centre so make sure that you follow them to keep up to date. meanwhile we will be trying our best to remember to water our new plants friends. 

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